What’s happening with Thread Together?

What’s Thread Together?

Thread Together is one of this Parish’s ministries, which works in partnership with Anglicare here in Brisbane and with the broader Thread Together network (interstate). Brand-new clothing that would otherwise end up in landfill, goes out in the Thread Together Van to those in need, who receive it for free. It’s staffed by a coordinator and volunteers, from both the parish and the wider community.

What’s the ‘Hub’?

A place where people can visit to obtain clothing when they need it, rather than having to wait for the van to visit their area. This is particularly important for people needing emergency clothing, such as when all has been lost in flood or fire, or in escaping a situation of domestic violence. Properly called the ‘Retail Hub’ (although no money is exchanged), it offers a dignified experience of ‘shopping’, that so many people take for granted.

Where will the Hub be?

In the Undercroft, extending from the back wall next to the kitchen to the 2nd pillar. When the Hub is open, it will use approximately 2/3 of the space. Access to the office, storeroom and kitchen will not be impeded. The thing that we have wanted to be careful about in establishing the Hub, is that other Parish activities in the Undercroft can proceed as usual. Flexibility is key. Therefore, there will be no fixed furnishings. The tables and clothing racks, which are all on wheels, will be stored along the back wall of the Undercroft behind curtaining (part of which is the fitting ‘room’). This storage area will extend out from the wall by 1.5 metres. Please refer to the plan to see where this is placed. The furnishings roll out each time the Hub is open and away again at the end of that time.

When will the Hub be open?

For 3 hours on 3 days of the week, approximately 10am to 1pm – this is to be confirmed.

What if the Undercroft is needed for another activity? Or if someone wants to hire the space? What about Election time when the entire Undercroft is used as a polling booth?

It’s possible for opening times of the Hub to be changed. Threads works closely with the Referral Agencies, and they can be notified quickly if necessary. For election time, the furnishings can be temporarily moved out as needed.

What’s the cost to the Parish?

None. Thread Together is paying for new lighting and for the painting of the walls in the Undercroft, including the kitchen. We have selected the lighting we want and the colour of the paint. A colour swatch will be on display at the church for you to have a look…along with the plans. The only part that’s excluded is the louvres- we may need to look at painting these ourselves at some time.

What are the timelines?

The painting and lighting will be done sometime in August, to be advised. It’s envisaged that 3 days will be needed for this work. Tim is already in contact with groups that hire the space, preparing to make alternative arrangements. We are aiming for a ‘soft opening’ of the Hub during September with the official opening in October.

How do people go about receiving clothing at the Hub?

In the same way that they do now: clients must be referred to Threads via an Agency. There will be no walk-ins at the Hub. This is why there is some flexibility in the hours of opening. Clients are informed by the Agencies of opening hours.

How do people get to our church?

If they do not own their own transport, they can take the train to Indooroopilly station and walk to the church, or use the bus system.

What will it look like?

There will be an interactive 3D computer model of the space on display this Sunday (thanks Gerard). Come and have a look or a ‘play’!

Please see the Wardens for more information. Please note that not everything is finalised yet and we may not be able to answer all questions, but will do our best to let you know as soon as we can.

Tricia, Deian and Ron.(contact details at the end of the newsletter or Service Guide)