Celebration of the Roof Restoration

Our restored roof was well and truly blessed last Sunday, as our intrepid priest climbed a ladder to sprinkle Holy Water directly onto it! Spontaneous cheers and applause greeted a generous sprinkling of holy water from our new Aspergillum, with the jubilant pronouncement of “… in the name of the Father,  the Son and the Holy … Read more

Outdoor exterior cross

How wonderful to see our cross installed in time for Holy Week, thanks to the generosity of Matthew Hart and the combined efforts of the Indooroopilly Men’s Shed and Alan Gregory who brought it to delivery and final completion. There is a sense that this cross fits so well and is perfect for the location. … Read more

Farewell to Rev’d Ann Edwards

The lead-up to Easter is always such a joyous and heart-wrenching occasion and nothing was more like this at St Andrew’s today. We celebrated Palm Sunday with the church decorated beautifully with palms and we sang praises to our Lord as we waved our palms parading around the church and singing All Glory Praise and … Read more

Celebrating and Imagining

Last Saturday we gathered to celebrate our parish, and the way our different stories have intersect the bigger story of the life of this community. We shared conversation with others, some we may not know well, talking about what matters most to us, and beginning to imagine our future. We pondered three questions. The responses … Read more

Becoming a Priest

This weekend has been an experience for which I was called and yet, honestly, would never have anticipated. As a teenager, I used to joke about becoming the first female Australian Anglican priest. Women priests were something that I couldn’t even imagine. Little did I know that the Movement for Ordination of Women – a … Read more

Rev’d Ann’s Ordination as Priest

Congratulations to The Rev’d Ann Edwards ordained Priest in the Church of God this morning in St John’s Cathedral. It is with joy that we welcome Ann to preside this weekend at all services and look with hope to her continuing ministry amongst us as she lives out the call of God in her life. … Read more

Stir-up Sunday: Preparing the Christmas Pudding

Before the last Sunday of the Church Year became known as Christ the King, it was known in Anglican churches as Stir Up Sunday, from the opening words of the Collect for the day: “Stir up, we beseech thee, O Lord, the wills of thy faithful people”. This was a timely signal to start making … Read more

New members for Mothers’ Union

On Sunday 3rd November at the end of the 9.30 am Eucharist, three new members were admitted to our parish Mothers’ Union Group – Rev Ann Edwards, Gwen Siddens and Gwen’s daughter, Pamela. They were admitted by Rev. Canon Libby Crossman who is Zonal Trustee, Zone C South Pacific (Aotearoa, New Zealand Polynesia, Australia, Melanesia, … Read more