Parish Ministry

Generosity is at the heart of the character of God. It is also at the heart of a Christian’s response to the love of God that has been shown in Jesus Christ.

Those who have come to belong to our church are encouraged to reflect God’s generosity by giving to support its mission. Your financial gift to the parish plays an important role in our church being released to focus on the mission of Jesus Christ in our community.

Your gift helps to maintain the life of our church community, programs and outreach, our mission and the upkeep on our buildings. The largest part of these funds come from regular, committed donations by the members of our church community.

Stewardship forms for financial gifts and time and talents are available online.

Donate securely online via the Commonwealth Bank’s BPoint to support our parish ministry and special projects.

Roof Restoration Project

Our parish has been gathering for 131 years on this site at Indooroopilly. So many lives have been shaped by the life of this sacramental community as generation after generation has sought to be the good news for others as they followed the way of Jesus the Christ in faith and hope and love. It is a beautiful and continuous story of faithfulness.

And so as we begin the work of restoring the church roof, we come with a mix of gratitude and hope; gratitude for the work of so many in building up and sustaining the life of the parish and hope for this new beginning for our community and for the message of good news we bear and seek to live out in this place.

The roof we are replacing is more than just a roof. It is a symbol of all those who gather here and find sanctuary, a place to lay down heavy burdens and be assured of a place of belong; a place to call home.

We are pleased to advise that our loan application has been successful and NPS Commercial commenced work on 19 October.

More information on our Roof Restoration Project page.