Parish History 1888–1968


When St. Andrew’s Church of England Indooroopilly celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 1939 the Rector, Wardens, and Parochial Council decided to publish a booklet recording the history of the parish to that date.
This record was compiled by the then Rector, the Reverend Roy St. George, and in it he acknowledged with thanks the assistance given by various people, including Mrs. C. M. Bancroft eldest daughter of the Reverend Thomas Jones, one time Rector of the parish; and also to all those who supplied information from the offices of Church House, The Courier-Mail and the Telegraph, the Oxley Library, Brisbane City Council, Government Statistician, Registrar-General, and the Commissioner for Railways.
It is from this booklet that the material for this history up to 1939 is obtained, and I here record how much I, personally, and the Rector, Wardens, and Council of today are indebted to Mr. St. George, whose warden I was from 1933 to 1958, for that booklet.
From 1939 onwards other records have been used, personal knowledge added, and a more up to date account given of the parish, including the daughter Churches, together with a complete list of Church Wardens during the eighty years of parish life from 1888 to 1968. I am also indebted to Mr. A. J. Dickenson for checking details and to Mr. T. W. Keily for many of the photos and pictures shown.

Percy Brier 1968

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