St Andrew’s Indooroopilly is the home of a community of faith who seek to follow the way of Jesus in loving one another, practising generous hospitality, seeking peace and pursuing justice. We worship in the contemporary catholic style of the Anglican tradition, caring for and supporting one another to grow spiritually and live out our faith in practical ways in our communities.

Palm Sunday Sung Eucharist
2 April @ 9:30 am

Palm Sunday is where it feels that the events of the week to come are set in motion. In the Palm Sunday service we will process around the church with ... Read more

Liturgy of the Last Supper
6 April @ 7:30 pm

On this day we recognise that Jesus sat down with his closest friends, sharing food, sharing wine and showing what vulnerable love looks like. Jesus washed his disciples’ feet, and ... Read more

Good Friday Liturgy
7 April @ 9:30 am

On Good Friday we stand by and hold prayerful vigil as Jesus dies in solidarity with all the suffering of humanity, freely laying down his life and becoming a victim- ... Read more

Stations of the Cross
7 April @ 2:00 pm

The Stations of the Cross depict the final hours of Jesus. To ‘do the Stations of the Cross’ is to stop at each ‘station’ and say a prayer. This tradition began with St ... Read more

Easter Vigil Service
9 April @ 6:00 am

At first light of resurrection day the Easter Fire is kindled and we welcome the dawn of the bright new day that declares that sin and death have been defeated ... Read more


Easter Day Sung Eucharist
9 April @ 9:30 am

Later as the day brightens we celebrate resurrection in another Eucharist. Many people choose to be baptised on Easter Day- it is not too late if you or anyone you ... Read more

Worship Services

Sung Eucharist: Sunday 9:30 am (in person and live on YouTube)
Said Eucharists: Sunday 7:30 am, Wednesday 9:30 am, Saturday 6:00 pm
‘Waypoint’: Saturday 6:00 pm in the Hall
Other services and more information

Video: Fifth Sunday in Lent (26 March). See also other recent services.

Hire Our Space!

Venue hire for a function, event or regular meetings? Great things happen when we come together and talk about things that matter. We welcome you and your guests to fill our spaces with your ideas and stories.

We have a heritage-listed hall, large undercover room and a small room available. All are air-conditioned and two have kitchen facilities. For more information, see facilities for hire. If you are interested in hiring one of our spaces please contact us.

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Thread Together

The Thread Together project supports those who are doing it tough.

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St Andrew's Anglican Church of Indooroopilly

4 hours 20 minutes ago

"Will these bones live?"
Sermon offered by The Rev'd Sue Grimmett for the Fifth Sunday in Lent, 26 March 2023

St Andrew's Anglican Church of Indooroopilly

3 days 4 hours ago

Today is the day where we mark Earth Overshoot Day for Australia; the day in the year where, if everyone lived like us, we would

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Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land and their care for it for thousands of years. We recognise that when others came later to this country there was violence and injustice. We gather on this land we now share, aware of past injustices, and with respect for the land and its ancient people. Open to the Spirit, who has ever been present here, we resolve to continue to appreciate its beauty, to protect its resources, and to honour the connection the traditional custodians have with this land.

Roof Restoration Project

​Work on the roof is finished, but we still need to pay off the loan! If you would like to donate towards this project, please see information on the Roof Restoration Project page.

Open and Affirming

We seek to affirm the gifts of everyone – irrespective of sexuality, gender, race, culture, or other human characteristic – and pray and work for the full equality of all.

Have a question? Email the parish office:
Office hours: 9.00 am to 12.00 pm Monday to Thursday; 9:00 am to 3:00 pm Friday
Telephone: 07 3870 7263

St Andrews Anglican Church 89 Fairley St Indooroopilly Queensland Australia