St Andrew’s is the home of a community of faith who seek to follow the way of Jesus in loving one another, practising generous hospitality, seeking peace and pursuing justice. We worship in the contemporary catholic style of the Anglican tradition, caring for and supporting one another to grow spiritually and live out our faith in practical ways in our communities.

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Attendance registration

Please use the Check In Qld app, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Paper registration is also available, but is much slower, so please allow extra time to sign in.

In accordance with the latest Qld Health directives, please wear a mask (except if you are leading the worship; for example, when doing a reading or leading prayers).

St Andrew’s has a Covid-Safe plan. Please do not attend in person if you have any of the following symptoms: fever, cough, fatigue, sore throat or shortness of breath. Social distancing measures will be in place and must be adhered to.

Worship Services

Sung Eucharist: Sunday 9:30 am (in person and live on YouTube)
Said Eucharists: Sunday 7:30 am, Wednesday 9:30 am, Saturday 6:00 pm
Other services and more information

Video: 3rd Sunday of Easter (18 April)

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12 hours ago

The Rev’d Ann Edwards, now installed at Assistant Priest at The Gap!

17 hours ago
The God who beats us to the party

"The God who beats us to the party"
Sermon offered by The Rev'd Sue Grimmett for the 3rd Sunday of Easter, 18 April 2021

Sunday 18 April 2021 Acts 3.12-20 Psalm 4 1 John 2.15-17, 3.1-6 Luke 24.36b-48 ©Suzanne Grimmett Every time I have this privilege of stepping up to the lectern and offering a sermo…

17 hours ago
Sung Eucharist - Third Sunday of Easter

The livestream from this morning's Sung Eucharist for the Third Sunday of Easter.

St Andrew's Anglican ChurchIndooroopilly

2 days ago
Bed and Shelter for the Homeless - Brisbane | Beddown

More information about Beddown. Pop-up accommodation for the most vulnerable.

We take spaces that are left empty at night and repurpose them into pop-up accomodation that provide safe, secure, and comfortable shelter.

2 days ago
Photos from St Andrew's Church of Indooroopilly's post

The Thread Together van is out tonight partnering with Beddown, Orange Sky and Rosie’s. Thanks to all our wonderful volunteers. Such a brilliant initiative that offers a good night’s sleep, along ... See more

2 days ago

Your life as a Christian should make non-believers question their disbelief- Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Easter is a wonderful season to reflect on our role as witnesses. Resurrection was not just an ... See more

4 days ago
What is the role and importance of leading intercessions in the liturgy?

Intercessions are as important as the sermon..

Hear Bishop John Roundhill and The Rev’d Penny Jones explain the significance of intercessions in this St Francis College short course video: “Intercessions are as important as the sermon. They ... See more

5 days ago

Jesus came and stood among them and said, ‘Peace be with you.’ (John 20: 26b)

In this season of new life we hear stories where we encounter the risen Lord which help us re-imagine our lives in ... See more

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Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land and their care for it for thousands of years.  We recognise that when others came later to this country there was violence and injustice.  We gather on this land we now share, aware of past injustices, and with respect for the land and its ancient people. Open to the Spirit, who has ever been present here, we resolve to continue to appreciate its beauty, to protect its resources, and to honour the connection the traditional custodians have with this land.

Open and Affirming

​We seek to affirm the gifts of everyone – irrespective of sexuality, gender, race, culture, or other human characteristic.- and pray and work for the full equality of all.

​Hire Our Space

Great things happen when we come together and talk about things that matter. We welcome you and your guests to fill our spaces with your ideas and stories.
If you are interested in hiring one of our spaces please contact us.

Roof Restoration Project

​NPS Commercial commenced  work on the 19 October. We can still worship in the church at our usual service times, and access to the Undercroft is unimpeded. We are grateful to be receiving some funding from a Diocesan grant. We have been able to secure a loan to fund the majority of this project and fund raising will be a long term venture. If you would like to donate towards this project, please see information on the Roof Restoration Project page.

Have a question? Email the parish office:
Office hours: 9.00 am to 12.00 pm Monday to Friday
Telephone: 07 3870 7263