Care and Concern

St Andrew’s Care and Concern sub-committee is a Christian group concerned with providing care for those within our community who really need assistance.

Do you need help? Can you offer help? Please contact the St Andrew’s Parish Office.

There are many calls upon my time, and I am the best judge of how I can involve myself.
No matter how much or how little time and energy,
I am able to contribute to my Church and its ‘Care & Concern’ activities,
I will be blest,
because it is an indisputable fact that we cannot help another without also helping ourselves.

Tuesdays in the Undercroft

Tuesdays 10:00 am – 12:00 noon

Started in 1996, ‘Tuesdays in the Undercroft’ is when those members of the community in need of transport are driven to St Andrew’s where they can meet and chat with others while enjoying morning tea in a most friendly and convivial atmosphere.

This is a community outreach activity as well as a parish group and new people are welcome.


To and from:

  • Doctor’s surgeries
  • Hospital-outpatients
  • Shopping for essential household needs
  • Church

Drivers needed! Can you help?


Making brief visits to the elderly, sick, those unable to go out and the bereaved. Follow-up visits made when and where necessary in order to maintain contact.


Being there for others through empathetic conversation and compassionate listening.

Caring for the Bereaved

Providing a reception on behalf of a bereaved family after a funeral service. This is a service which is  very much appreciated.

Bereavement cards are sent to parish families and to those who have funeral services at the Church.


Preparation of emergency meals for families in crisis or those known to us who are just home from hospital and living alone.


The Care and Concern group supports the Goodna Anglican Welfare Ministry with regular donations of non-perishable food and toiletries. The donated goods are collected on a regular basis. Food items are also provided to families and individuals as needed. Please consider making donations  by leaving items at the church.