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On the Way Podcast

Episode 1 The Big Story of God

Talking about life and what are the biggest questions: Dom Fay and Peter Catt talk God, the universe and everything

Episode 2 Beyond Dualistic Thinking

Peter Catt and Dom Fay are joined by Richard Fay who is CEO of The Centre for Men, Australia and also happens to be Dom’s Dad. Together they explore the way dualistic thinking traps us into defining our world in binary terms, and how seeking a unitive consciousness can avoid an “us and them” mentality and help us on the way to authentic love and freedom and to become who we are created to be.

Episode 3 Gender and God

Dom Fay leads the discussion with Peter Catt and Sue Wilton around issues of gender and spirituality. Does God have a gender? What are the issues for women when so much of our language for God is masculine and exclusive? What does scripture reveal about gender and what have we been missing in our tradition that is life-giving and empowering for women? The conversation centres around the alternate narrative that the gospel reveals and the liberating good news that challenges cultures of patriarchy and inequality.

Episode 4 Christianity, Islam and the Power of Friendship

Dave Andrews and Dr Nora Amath join Dom Fay and Sue Wilton to tell stories and share the urgency of the message of peace and understanding between religious communities and the power of friendship between individuals.

This conversation explores how the ‘prophet’ Jesus can unite rather than divide Muslims and Christians, giving examples of Muslims and Christians finding common ground, with thoughts on how we might all work together for common good.

Episode 5 Science and Religion

Dom Fay and Peter Catt are joined by the Rev’d Dr Ceri Wynne to talk about the popular myth that science and religion are essentially in conflict and cover some fascinating ground exploring the dynamic interplay possible when science and faith interact.

Episode 6 What is the Bible?

Peter Catt, Sue Wilton and Dom Fay are joined by the Rev’d Dr Greg Jenks to discuss differing views about scripture and scriptural interpretation and what that means for how we understand faith and what it means to be a follower of the way of Jesus.

Episode 7 Future of the Church

The Very Rev’d Professor Martyn Percy, Dean of Christ Church, Oxford and Dean Peter Catt join Dom Fay for a discussion exploring what shape the Church might have in future as we come to terms with the role of complexity and the idea of incorporation.

Episode 8 The Non-violent God

Dom Fay, Sue Wilton and Brendan McKeague from Pace e Bene Australia talk peace in a rich and highly practical exploration of living with an ethic of nonviolence and following the way of Jesus.

Episode 9 Scapegoating, Violence and the Theology of the Cross

James Alison, theologian and Roman Catholic priest, joins Peter Catt and Dom Fay to explore the meaning of the cross in the light of the work of René Girard. In this conversation, James explores how humans have a history of excluding others and the way Jesus changes all that by volunteering to be the person who was excluded. Shifting the story in this way changes not only how we see our faith, but also how we treat each other and understand relationships. The ideas explored in this conversation help us to understand ourselves and our own patterns of imitative desires and behaviour, even as it gives us insight into patterns of violence in our societies and throughout history.

Episode 10 The Public Image of Christianity

2017 was not a good year for the public image of Christianity. Dom Fay, Peter Catt and Sue Wilton have a conversation to start the New Year about everything from marriage equality surveys to Donald Trump and polemical arguments that get in the way of communicating the compassionate, life-affirming and liberating message of Christian faith.

Episode 11 Re-viewing Christianity from the Margins

Jim Schirmer joins Peter Catt, Sue Wilton and Dom Fay to explore how Christianity speaks powerfully from the margins, challenging our comfortable theologies and transforming our faith and our lives.

Episode 12 Power-and-the-Church

The Rev’d Dr Steven Ogden joins Dom Fay, Peter Catt and Sue Wilton to explore the problem of the Church’s enmeshment with sovereign power and the issues that result around conformity and entitlement in such a narrative of obedience and privilege. Steven sketches an alternate vision of the Church, which cultivates practices of freedom for the sake of the other.

Episode 13 The Two Halves of Life

Richard Fay, Dom Fay and Sue Wilton talk over the two halves of life; finding faith in the midst of suffering and discovering the move from trying to allowing and from doing to being. There are some personal stories and some great poetry in this conversation which ultimately calls on the language of metaphor and the mystery of paradox to explore some of life’s biggest inner experiences.

Episode 14 Loving Yourself

Christianity teaches us to love our neighbours as we love ourselves, but that presupposes that we know how to love ourselves. Peter Catt and Dom Fay are joined by Dr George Trippe- psychotherapist, counsellor, spiritual director and artist- to explore how the practice of radical self-acceptance and self-compassion is key to entering into the radical mystery of an all-loving God, enabling us to truly love others and set us on the path to becoming most truly ourselves.