Michael and All Angels

SERMON26 September 2021Michael and All AngelsEzekiel 1.4-12 | Psalm 138 | Revelation 12.7-12a | John 1.45-51©Lauren Martin Today as a church, we celebrate the feast day of Saint Michael and all angels. Today in our readings we heard things such as the memorable depiction of some rather bizarre four-faced angels, who are also known as … Read more

On the side of angels

 SERMON  Feast of St Michael and All Angels  Sunday 29 September 2019  Daniel 7.9-10, 13-14  Psalm 138  Revelation 12.7-12a  John 1.45-51  On the side of angels ©Sue Grimmett  Who, if I cried out, would hear me among the Angelic Orders? And even if one were to suddenly  take me to its heart, I would vanish … Read more

The voice of the beloved

SERMON  Fourth Sunday of Easter  Sunday 12 May  Acts 9: 36-43  Psalm 23  Revelation 7: 9-17  John 10: 22-30  The voice of the beloved ©Sue Wilton Who are you? What should you be doing with your life?   Have you ever followed these questions and found yourself with no  answers? Or maybe just when you think … Read more

You can’t go back!

Easter 3 – 5 May 19 (St. Andrew’s Indooroopilly)  Bill Crossman Readings: Acts 9: 1-6; Psalm 30; Revelation 5: 6-14; John 21: 1-19  A number of years ago now – and when I stop to think about it I’m surprised at how the  number has grown – I was Rector of another St. Andrew’s – … Read more

Glory with scars

SERMON  Second Sunday of Easter  Acts 5.27-32  Psalm 118:14-29  Revelation 1.4-8  John 20.19-31  ©Sue Wilton  Glory with scars  So the Gloria is back. If we remember, we start punctuating our liturgical responses with Alleluias.  The gold in our vestments, the joyful tone of our prayers and hymns, and the move from fasting to feasting all … Read more

Truth in a post-truth world

St Andrew’s Anglican Church  Indooroopilly  HOMILY  Sunday 25 November  Christ the King  Daniel 7:9-10, 13-14  Revelation 1: 4b-8  John 18:33-37  Truth in a post-truth world. ©Sue Wilton  The Oxford English Dictionaries named “post-truth” its word of the year in  November 2016. Citing a 2,000 percent spike in usage -particularly around Brexit and the American presidential … Read more

The joy of the eternal present

St Andrew’s Anglican Church  Indooroopilly  HOMILY  Sunday 4 November  Twenty-fourth Sunday after Pentecost  Isaiah 25:6-9  Psalm 24  Revelation 21:1-6a  John 11: 32-44  The joy of the eternal present © Sue Wilton   In 1908 the British Idealist J.M.E McTaggart famously argued that time  can’t be real at all. He drew attention to the language of past, … Read more