Michael and All Angels

SERMON26 September 2021Michael and All AngelsEzekiel 1.4-12 | Psalm 138 | Revelation 12.7-12a | John 1.45-51©Lauren Martin Today as a church, we celebrate the feast day of Saint Michael and all angels. Today in our readings we heard things such as the memorable depiction of some rather bizarre four-faced angels, who are also known as … Read more

Following the energy of spirit

SERMON Sunday 22 August 2021 1 Kings 8.22-30, 8.41-43 Psalm 84 Ephesians 6.10-20 John 6.56-69 Following the energy of Spirit                                     ©Suzanne Grimmett I don’t know of you have ever had that experience of being at a party or picnic or conference and been part of a group conversation which had become heavy or difficult, … Read more

Bread And…  

1 Kings 19:4-8 | Ps 34:1-8 | Eph 4:17-5:2 | John 6:35, 41-51 Jeni Nix What do you think of when you hear the word ‘bread’? A crunchy, crusty loaf fresh from the early morning trip to the bakery? That piece of toast you always enjoy under your lashings of butter and honey? The mouth-watering … Read more

Stop, sit and eat

2 Samuel 11.26-12.13a John 6.24-35 ©Suzanne Grimmett How, at this time, is God present to you? We have so many metaphors for this experience of presence, and we have heard some of them in the readings today; Bread from heaven.. the Word made flesh..Jesus as food that nourishes. Jesus, who speaks to us so often … Read more

Unimaginable Abundance

2 Samuel 11.1-15 Psalm 14 Ephesians 3.14-21 John 6.1-21 Sunday 25 July, 2021 Unimaginable abundance                                  ©Suzanne Grimmett When we come to the day when we are celebrating the completion of the work on the roof, I will begin by saying that the story of King David walking around on his own roof and espying … Read more

Trinity Sunday

May 30th St Andrew’s Indooroopilly Fr Richard Browning Readings: Isaiah 6:1-8Psalm 29 Romans 8:12-17 John 3:1-17 Key image or metaphor: St Andrew’s Crucifix Clue for spiritual practice:             Don’t bring an assertion (‘we know’).                         Live a question instead. Intellectual proposition: Knowing is not a head thing, it is a lived thing. Unless it costs, … Read more

Risking the horizons of possibility

SERMON Pentecost Sunday 23 May 2021 Acts 2.1-21 Psalm 104.26-36 Romans 8.22-27 John 15.26-27; 16.4b-15 Risking the horizons of possibility                                                 ©Suzanne Grimmett Sometimes, I have to go looking for poetry. Sometimes, if I am not going to serve up from the pulpit a bland reconstruction of the texts with a bit of historical criticism … Read more

Oneness with God

16.05.21 SEVENTH SUNDAY OF EASTER St Andrew’s Indooroopilly Acts 1:15-17,21-26             Psalm 1         1 John 5:9-13          John 17:6-19 Have you ever known the satisfaction of accomplishing something that is really important and then experiencing a sense of joy in its completion? I know that I have experienced that feeling many times in my life. The birth … Read more

Co-Mingling with God

Easter 6 9 MAY 2021  Co-Mingling with God  ©Jeni Nix         If you’ve been in church circles for even the shortest length of time, it’s fairly probable that you have come across the word ‘abide’ at least once. This word seems to be applicable in so many teachings in Scripture, but also in much of our … Read more

Go to the limits of your longing

Go to the limits of your longing…                                          ©Suzanne Grimmett Who or what is God and how, then, are we to live? The first letter of John seems to offer a startlingly simple answer to these biggest of questions;  “God is love,” we read. “Abide in that love.” Simple? Perhaps. Easy. Obviously not. It would be … Read more