Of Fairy-Tales and Unicorns

I was delighted last week when the children produced a drawing of a stain glass window featuring unicorns. It took me straight back to a wonderful series of medieval tapestries … Read more

The dash of stories

This past week I was struck by an address by Father Ian Bailey, at a funeral I attended. Ian mentioned that quite often on the funeral notice we see written the … Read more

Mary and Martha

The Gospel reading for this Sunday is the story of Martha and Mary from the Gospel of Luke.  Like many of my friends, this scripture has often grated on me.  … Read more

The Good Samaritan

This Sunday, the fifth Sunday after Pentecost, we will encounter the “Good Samaritan” of the tenth chapter of the Luke’s Gospel. Rev’d Lucy Winkett, ordained as an Anglican priest in … Read more

Endless Respect

Karen Armstrong in her new book, Sacred Nature, notes that for St Paul, religion was not all about sound doctrine and right teaching but about kenosis (or self-emptying) and love. … Read more