The unyielding power of gentleness

SERMON  Christmass Day 2018  Isaiah 62.6-12  Psalm 97  Titus 3.4-8a   Luke 2.8-20  The unyielding power of gentleness ©Sue Wilton  Western social commentators who labelled 2017 the Year of Anger  have begun labelling 2018, The Year of Anxiety, citing fears for the  future of the planet, the rapid pace of social change, the breakdown  of community, … Read more

Ordinary people, Everyday hospitality

SERMON  The Midnight Christmass  Isaiah 9.2-7  Psalm 96  Titus 2.11-14  Luke 2.1-14  Christmass Eve  Monday 24 December  Ordinary people, Everyday hospitality ©Sue Wilton  One of my favourite online videos is Sir Ken Robinson’s TED talk, “Do  Schools Kill Creativity”. In it he tells the story of a nativity play where  his four year old son … Read more