Transforming regret

First Sunday of Lent 21 February 2021 Genesis 9.8-17 Mark 1.9-15 Transforming regret                                            ©Suzanne Grimmett Yesterday we gathered to tell stories. Not just any stories but our very own … Read more

Mothering prophets

SERMON   St Andrew’s Parish of Indooroopilly  Sunday 16 August 2020  Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost   Genesis 45.1-15   Psalm 133   Romans 11.13-32   Matthew 15.10-28  Mothering prophets ©Suzanne Grimmett Jesus of Nazareth had … Read more

Recalibrating desire

SERMON   Sunday 26 July, 2020  St Andrew’s Church of Indooroopilly   Genesis 28.10-19a   Psalm 105.1-11   Romans 8.12-25   Matthew 13.44-58  Recalibrating desire ©Suzanne Grimmett A person who is not at … Read more

The Banality of Evil

SERMON   St Andrew’s Parish of Indooroopilly   Sunday 19th July  Genesis 28.10-19a   Psalm 139.1-11, 139.23-24   Romans 8.12-25  Matthew 13.24-43  The Banality of Evil ©Suzanne Grimmett  Hannah Arendt, reflecting on 1962 … Read more

Loopholes of hope

SERMON   Sunday 12 July 2020  St Andrew’s Parish of Indooroopilly  Genesis 25.19-34  Psalm 119.105-112  Romans 8.1-11  Matthew 13.1-9, 13.18-23   Loopholes of hope ©Suzanne Grimmett  On his deathbed, or so the … Read more