Quoth the Raven

SERMON  Sunday 18 October, 2020  Feast of St Luke, Evangelist and Martyr  Jeremiah 8.22 – 9.3  Psalm 145.10-18  2 Timothy 4.9-17a  Luke 10.1-9   Quoth the Raven ©Suzanne Grimmett  Is there no balm in Gilead?   Is there no physician there?  Why then has the health of my poor people   not been restored? Jeremiah 8.22  When … Read more

The grace of being “one of them”

SERMON  Feast of Christ the King  St Andrew’s Parish of Indooroopilly  Sunday 24 November  Jeremiah 23.1-6  Song of Zechariah  Colossians 1.11-20  Luke 23.33-43  The grace of being “one of them” ©Sue Grimmett  Why, just as we are about to step into that season of preparation and hopeful  expectation of God coming wrapped in the form … Read more

But she persisted

SERMON  Sunday 20 October, 2019  Jeremiah 31.27-34  2 Timothy 3.10 – 4.5  Psalm 119.97-104  Luke 18.1-14  But she persisted…. ©Sue Grimmett  My father used to tell the story of the first time he queued up for food in the  mess tent after joining the army and attending his first training during the  Second World War. … Read more

On the Margins

St Andrew’s Anglican Church, Indooroopilly  SUNDAY – Pentecost 18 – Sunday 13 October 2019  Jeremiah 29.1, 4-7, Psalm 66.1-11, 2 Timothy 2. 8-15, Luke 17.11-19  Ann Edwards  I have a hypothetical for you to start – imagine someone new walks through that door. Hold on to  that first person you imagined. What does that person … Read more

The Art of Letting Go

SERMON  Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost  Sunday 8 September  Jeremiah 18.1-11  Psalm 139.1-5,12-18  Philemon 1-25  Luke 14.25-35  The Art of Letting Go.                                                                     … Read more

Crippled by religion

SERMON  Sunday 25 August  Jeremiah 1.4-10  Ps 71.1-6  Hebrews 12.18-29  Luke 13.10-17  Crippled by religion ©Sue Grimmett  ‘It is such a privilege to be embodied’ writes the late John O’Donohue.   I wonder how much we think about our bodies, about the connection  between our body, mind and soul, and about how your body expresses  your … Read more

The Vital Grace of Waiting

St Andrew’s Anglican Church  Indooroopilly  HOMILY  Sunday 2 December  Jeremiah 33: 14-16  Psalm: 25: 1-10  1 Thessalonians 3: 9-13  Luke 21: 25-38  The Vital Grace of Waiting ©Sue Wilton  In 1931 Aldous Huxley penned a dystopian fiction called Brave New World.  Somewhat later in 1949, George Orwell produced his powerful futuristic novel,  1984. Ever since … Read more