The Sublimation of God

Sunday 20 December 2020 St Andrews Anglican Church  Luke 1: 26-38: The Sublimation of God  © Richard Fay I expect if I was a first century reader of Luke’s Gospel, I may likely burst into laughter at the absurdity of what I was reading. The words “greetings, favoured one! The Lord is with you” is … Read more

First coming

Advent 4: Love First Coming         by Madeleine L’Engle He did not wait till the world was ready,till men and nations were at peace.He came when the Heavens were unsteady,and prisoners cried out for release.He did not wait for the perfect time.He came when the need was deep and great.He dined with sinners in all their … Read more

How will we answer?

When asked who he was, John the Baptist was clear.  I am not the Messiah.  I am not the prophet, Elijah.   I am the voice of one crying out in the wilderness,  ‘Make straight the way of the Lord.’  When someone asks us who we are, how do we answer? By our relationship with people? … Read more

Rev’d Ann’s Ordination as Priest

Congratulations to The Rev’d Ann Edwards ordained Priest in the Church of God this morning in St John’s Cathedral. It is with joy that we welcome Ann to preside this weekend at all services and look with hope to her continuing ministry amongst us as she lives out the call of God in her life. … Read more

The Advent Wreath

Advent this year begins on Sunday 29th November and continues until Christmas Eve. Advent signifies the beginning of a new liturgical year and, as with all New Year celebrations, we look forward with hope and anticipation to a new beginning. Advent is a season that is focussed on waiting and looking forward to Christmas “when … Read more

New members for Mothers’ Union

On Sunday 3rd November at the end of the 9.30 am Eucharist, three new members were admitted to our parish Mothers’ Union Group – Rev Ann Edwards, Gwen Siddens and Gwen’s daughter, Pamela. They were admitted by Rev. Canon Libby Crossman who is Zonal Trustee, Zone C South Pacific (Aotearoa, New Zealand Polynesia, Australia, Melanesia, … Read more

Mother of Incarnation

SERMON  Mary, Mother of our Lord  St Andrew’s Parish of Indooroopilly  Saturday 15 August 2020  Mother of Incarnation ©Suzanne Grimmett  Excerpts from The Visit of the Virgin Mary to the Weekly Rosary Group by Pádraig  O’ Tuama, transcribed in part from a talk entitled “Our Lady of Greenbelt” given at  the 2011 Greenbelt Festival.   … Read more

When losing the way is the way

SERMON   St Andrew’s Parish of Indooroopilly    Genesis 37.1-4, 37.12-28   Psalm 105.1-6, 105.16-22   Romans 10.4-15   Matthew 14.22-36   Sunday 9 August 2020   When losing the way is the way ©Suzanne Grimmett  T.E Lawrence, better known by many as Laurence of Arabia, wrote in Seven Pillars  of Wisdom about his state of mind the night before … Read more

Recalibrating desire

SERMON   Sunday 26 July, 2020  St Andrew’s Church of Indooroopilly   Genesis 28.10-19a   Psalm 105.1-11   Romans 8.12-25   Matthew 13.44-58  Recalibrating desire ©Suzanne Grimmett A person who is not at home with inward things does not know what God  is. It is just like a man who has wine in his cellar and, having neither  … Read more