The joy of not being God 

2nd Sunday after Pentecost 1 Kings 19.1-15 Psalm 42 Galatians 3.10-14, 23-29 Luke 8.26-39 19 June 2022 The joy of not being God                                                              ©Suzanne Grimmett “It’s not necessary that you … Read more

The dance of life

Trinity Sunday Proverbs 8.1-4, 22-31 Psalm 8 Romans 5:1-5 John 16.12-15 12 July 2022 The dance of life                                                                ©Suzanne Grimmett “Now what I want is, Facts. Teach these boys and … Read more

Three in One

Living Presence, beyond all names,Overflowing with creative and redeeming energy,Continually giving life, bearing pain, making love,Draw us ever closer in your mysterious Presence,For in you is our destiny and delight,Lover, … Read more