Three in One

Living Presence, beyond all names,
Overflowing with creative and redeeming energy,
Continually giving life, bearing pain, making love,
Draw us ever closer in your mysterious Presence,
For in you is our destiny and delight,
Lover, Beloved and Mutual Friend
(Collect for Trinity Sunday by Jim Cotter from Unfolding the Living Word)
This Sunday brings us to that celebration of the church where we attempt to describe that which is indescribable. Language will always fail us when we attempt to talk about God, but I think Jim Cotter’s words above help to capture something of what we mean when we talk about God as Trinity.
Too often Christianity has ignored the richness of an understanding of God as Trinity in favour of a god who could be very easily replaced by Zeus- the powerful, bearded, big other in the sky.
Instead, what orthodox Christian faith has gifted us is something far more beautiful, dynamic and transformative- an inexhaustively generative source of life whose Word brings forth all being and whose spirit animates and sustains forms and relationships in an endless flow of movement. Into this relationship we are invited by the Christ, the Word made flesh, who enables us to join the dance of the Three in One.
As we ponder this mystery, may we know that truth is relationship. May we find in such poetic language a power that has very real and practical implications for the way we live our lives, and the fullness of joy into which we are invited.
Grace and peace,

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