Reconciling our differences

Do you ever find yourself wondering if we expect too little of one another?
I know I have wondered this as I witnessed some of the aggressive or disrespectful behaviour from a few politicians this week. I wonder if we just shrug our shoulders sometimes and accept this behaviour as part of the norm – the way it will always be – and don’t allow ourselves to dream of something better. I certainly believe humankind can do better, particularly in the way our leaders and public figures speak to one another and to their constituents. 
Of course when we have strongly held positions, passionately held, whether religious or political, being together in disagreement is hard. The gathering of General Synod recently is testament to that. Temptation to exclude or “cancel” one another is great. Yet the truth that each one of us is made in the image of God, each one of us is wonderfully different from one another, and each one of us belongs in the diverse family of God is core to our faith. The readings through Easter season, particularly in the story told through Acts, remind us that we are grafted into one body – not to become the same as one another, but to learn to be reconciled to one another through love, rejoicing in our diversity.
I think the church is one of those places where we commit to staying with one another, no matter what, and working out our differences with patience and compassion. The church should be the place where we make real the dream of something better – a community of respect and kindness. I rejoice that on Sunday, after all the political campaigning is over, we meet as the body of Christ; coming from all political persuasions and yet celebrating our unity in love as we gather around the table.
May we know the peace of Christ that reconciles us all to one another.

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