We cannot wait

Feast of St Andrew Deuteronomy 30.11-14 Psalm 19.1-6 Romans 10.8-18 Matthew 4:18-22 28 November 2021 We cannot wait                                                             ©Suzanne Grimmett Do you ever find yourself waiting to begin, and then … Read more

A glimpse of love

Tangled in time, we go by hints and guesses,Turning the wheel of each returning year.But in the midst of failures and successesWe sometimes glimpse the love that casts out fear.Malcolm … Read more

Reign of Christ

Reign of Christby Malcolm Guite Our King is calling from the hungry furrowsWhilst we are cruising through the aisles of plenty,Our hoardings screen us from the man of sorrows,Our soundtracks … Read more

A story of nuns and nones

In the American Midwest there was a convent whose community had been steadily shrinking and whose prayers for new presenting novices appeared to be unanswered. One of the women religious … Read more

A Blessing for the Broken-hearted

   ©Suzanne Grimmett                                                                                                                                                  Jan Richardson in her poem, “Blessing for the Broken-hearted” writes… Let us agree for now that we will not say the breaking makes us stronger or that … Read more