We cannot wait

Feast of St Andrew Deuteronomy 30.11-14 Psalm 19.1-6 Romans 10.8-18 Matthew 4:18-22 28 November 2021 We cannot wait                                                             ©Suzanne Grimmett Do you ever find yourself waiting to begin, and then finding that there are lots of reason to wait and plenty of jobs to do in the meantime, until you realise you have never quite … Read more

A glimpse of love

Tangled in time, we go by hints and guesses,Turning the wheel of each returning year.But in the midst of failures and successesWe sometimes glimpse the love that casts out fear.Malcolm Guite (from Prologue: Sounding the Seasons) In past weeks we have had a focus on stewardship and the role we play, both individually and corporately, in being … Read more

Making Visible what is True

21 NOVEMBER 2021 YEAR B  2 Samuel 23:1-7Revelation 1:4b-8John 18.33-37 Fr Richard Browning Introduction: At 2.23am last Sunday morning, my youngest son Matthew was to be found among vandals, reeking havoc upon the local corner store at the bottom of our street.  Earlier, at 2.17am, Matthew was lying in bed minding his own business. He … Read more

Reign of Christ

Reign of Christby Malcolm Guite Our King is calling from the hungry furrowsWhilst we are cruising through the aisles of plenty,Our hoardings screen us from the man of sorrows,Our soundtracks drown his murmur: ‘I am thirsty’.He stands in line to sign in as a strangerAnd seek a welcome from the world he made,We see him … Read more

A story of nuns and nones

In the American Midwest there was a convent whose community had been steadily shrinking and whose prayers for new presenting novices appeared to be unanswered. One of the women religious had decided that their buildings were doomed and could only be torn down and the land sold. A friend of the convent had the inspired … Read more

Giving isn’t meant to hurt      

Mark 12.38-44 Hebrews 9:23-28 Sunday 7th November 2021                          ©Suzanne Grimmett How do we decide what to give of ourselves? On what basis do we determine how we share from the resources which are ours to steward? Clearly these are difficult questions to discern and obviously we can bring many differing understandings of our social … Read more

Nothing is required

I have always thought that questions about our vocation in life are inextricably caught up with the idea of stewardship. We cannot think about who we are called to be and become without considering what we have been given to care for and nurture to growth. Gratitude is the primary spiritual virtue. From this place … Read more

A Blessing for the Broken-hearted

   ©Suzanne Grimmett                                                                                                                                                  Jan Richardson in her poem, “Blessing for the Broken-hearted” writes… Let us agree for now that we will not say the breaking makes us stronger or that it is better to have this pain than to have done without this love. We all know, don’t we, that platitudes don’t work in the … Read more

I see dead people

©The Right Rev’d John Roundhill In the name of the one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit Amen. Midway through the 1999 blockbuster movie the Sixth Sense, a disturbed 9 year old boy (played by Haley Joel Osment) reveals to a child psychologist (played by Bruce Willis) that “I see dead people” and indeed he … Read more