A glimpse of love

Tangled in time, we go by hints and guesses,
Turning the wheel of each returning year.
But in the midst of failures and successes
We sometimes glimpse the love that casts out fear.
Malcolm Guite (from Prologue: Sounding the Seasons)
In past weeks we have had a focus on stewardship and the role we play, both individually and corporately, in being co-creators of God’s dream for the world in this time and place. This weekend we begin Advent and the new liturgical year.
This weekend we also celebrate the Feast of St Andrew – our patronal festival. How appropriate to be celebrating this feast and setting out on the new church year after this time reflecting on the individual call on our lives and who we are called to become together as a faith community.
Just as Andrew glimpsed in Jesus a whole new way of being in the world, so we are called to pursue that “glimpse of love that casts out fear” and live with courage and faith.
As you set out on your Advent pilgrimage, how will your life as a disciple of Christ reveal that glimpse of love that triumphs over fear?
Grace and peace,

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