Discussion of the Diocesan Mission Action Plan

In our Parish Council meeting this week we continued reflecting on the Diocesan Mission Action Plan. Our reflections this week looked at the activities that are at the heart of our faith communities. These activities are grouped under the headings of;
Proclaiming and serving, worshipping and learning
The Marks of Mission (more information in the link) open for us the breadth of activities that faith communities undertake. Summarised in the words proclaiming and serving, worshipping and learning, these activities are at the heart of flourishing faith communities.
The Mission of the Church is the Mission of Christ — to proclaim the good news of the kingdom of God. Proclaiming Christ is central to the mission of faith communities. This involves not only preaching the Word of God but also proclaiming God’s love through acts of worship and loving service.
Worship is at the heart of every faith community. Worship brings us before God as an expression of our love and devotion. Through worship we are reminded of our purpose, reenergised for our mission and renewed in our communion with God and our community. The work of a faith community is grounded in worship as an act of humble listening and obedience to our call. 
Grounded in worship, faith communities are called to serve those near, in the local community, and those far away, throughout the world. Faith communities exist not for themselves but for the service of others as they participate in God’s mission in the world. Service requires faith communities to listen, to be present and to be in deep relationship with those they serve.
Faith communities are composed of people who seek to be disciples of Jesus. A disciple is at heart a person who is engaged in a life of learning. This intentional learning extends beyond the scriptures, theology and the tradition of the church and engages the whole world in which we live. Faith communities seek to learn about their settings in order to serve more humbly.
At council we considered the following questions;
Which of the four activities is your faith community strongest in?
Which of the four activities does your faith community struggle with?
I invite you to consider how you might engage more deeply in these activities as we seek to grow together and flourish as a community of faith.
Where might your gifts help to meet the needs of others both within our community and beyond?
Grace and peace,