Unwelcome Peace

SERMON Luke 12.49-59 Sunday 14 August 2022                                                    ©Suzanne Grimmett James was a 28-year-old trainee paramedic when he was killed with a single punch to the head by a … Read more

The dash of stories

This past week I was struck by an address by Father Ian Bailey, at a funeral I attended. Ian mentioned that quite often on the funeral notice we see written the … Read more

Mary and Martha

The Gospel reading for this Sunday is the story of Martha and Mary from the Gospel of Luke.  Like many of my friends, this scripture has often grated on me.  … Read more

Living the Questions

Sunday July 10 Amos 7.7-17, Psalm 82, Colossians 1.1-14, Luke 10.25-37 Richard Browning If you want to hand over the entire truth, placing in the other’s the ‘whole thing’, even … Read more