Commerce, culture, congregation and compassion

The Rev’d Sue Grimmett said:

“Where is the next great idea coming from that will ensure we are sharing the Good News widely and building our communities, both in faith and numbers?


One of the most liberating principles of HeartEdge, particularly when anxieties about the future of the Church dominate the narrative, is that we have enough and that we are enough for the work we are called to do. We don’t need to be the author of the next big idea because creative possibilities are all around us, many of them needing just the kind of active support and loving encouragement parish communities are able to offer.”

HeartEdge is about sharing, connecting, growing support and developing – finding new ways of being at the heart on the edge. Each session was recorded and can be viewed on Facebook and YouTube. The first four sessions from YouTube can be viewed here…

Session 1 – The pandemic and the future shape of church (Paper by Sam Wells)

Session 2 – Living God’s future now (panel discussion)

Session 3 – What virtues are called for in a post COVID-19 world? (Paper presented by Sam Wells)

Session 4 – The public role of church in complex times (panel discussion)