In Made for Goodness, Desmond and Mpho Tutu explore the idea that sometimes our failures can be the greatest blessing of all. The delusions of being a self-made man or woman fall away in the face of our failures. When we hold on to the idea that we are self-made, we can maintain the delusion that we are in control, and that we know where our lives are headed. If we still like the idea of faith in God, we might allow God space in a controlled corner of our lives, while leaving ourselves firmly in charge. Failure shows up all such delusions as nonsense and reminds us not only of the God who is the source of our being, but also of those people in our lives who have formed us, helped us, and made us who we are.
As we journey through these Lenten days, may we know the gift that our failures may be and find ourselves fully awake to the presence of God.  May we be humble enough to surrender to the one who has loved us into life and tells us to put aside our shame and come, joining others as together we feast on the banquet of our lives.
Grace and peace,

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