Listening to God speaking with the voice of the heart

(An excerpt from Made For Goodness by Desmond Tutu and Mpho Tutu
My child, I made you for myself. 
I made you like myself. 
I delight in you. 
My heart aches with pity 
When you smother joy under the onslaught of busyness. 
Then there is barely a minute 
To pause and listen for me. 
You run everywhere looking for life, 
Searching for the life of life.
All the while I am here.
I am as close as a prayer. 
I am breathing in your breath.
With each breath you choose, 
my child, for you are free. 
Will you breathe with me the breath of life? 
Will you claim the joy I have prepared for you? 
Will you seek me out and find me here?
Will you whisper the prayer? 
Will you breathe in my breath?
Tutu, Desmond; Tutu, Mpho. Made For Goodness (p. 21). Ebury Publishing. Kindle Edition. 

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