Covid-19, vaccination and guidelines for Christmas

St Andrew’s encourages all people to be double vaccinated against Covid-19. In the days ahead when borders are opening and community transmission will be a reality, we have needed to consider our responses as a faith community. 

Parish council have decided that we will not be enforcing vaccination checks at the door for all those attending worship services over Christmas. Therefore, while we have very high vaccination rates in our community, there will likely be unvaccinated people in our services, particularly over Christmas. We encourage all to make informed decisions for their own wellbeing and take steps such as physical distancing and mask wearing if attending worship. Please do not attend if you have any symptoms such as cough, sore throat, fatigue or shortness of breath. 

Everyone attending will also be required to check in using the Check in Qld App and make use of the hand sanitiser available at the door. Should you choose not to attend worship but would like to receive communion in addition to watching our livestream services, please contact me, as not only am I available to visit, but a number of our Liturgical Assistants are licensed to administer home communion. We are requiring that clergy and all Liturgical Assistants be double vaccinated. 

It is a time when we need to take seriously our responsibility to one another. The church has always been aware of the fundamental truth that there is no such thing as the solitary individual – we share our joys and our sorrows, perhaps more than we realise. Our own good is inextricably caught up with the good of the other.

Advent is a season of preparation and hope. May we be people of hope and courage who find loving ways to protect and serve one another and the good of our community in this time. 

Grace and peace,

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