Michael and All Angels

SERMON26 September 2021Michael and All AngelsEzekiel 1.4-12 | Psalm 138 | Revelation 12.7-12a | John 1.45-51©Lauren Martin Today as a church, we celebrate the feast day of Saint Michael and all angels. Today in our readings we heard things such as the memorable depiction of some rather bizarre four-faced angels, who are also known as … Read more


Every week in our services we stand and speak in unison the ancient Nicene creed. “I believe in God…” we say, but unfortunately many cultural assumptions about belief rob us of the power of what we are actually doing in this corporate ritual. We think about “belief about” in a modernist sense as assent to … Read more

Welcoming the little ones home

SERMON Proverbs 31.10-31 Psalm 1 James 3.1-12 Mark 9.30-37  Welcoming the little ones home                                      ©Suzanne Grimmett You have a story growing inside you, but it is a story with a definite beginning, and you probably have a birth certificate to prove it. This may be how we document our existence to the relevant authorities, … Read more


Does a spring pour forth from the same opening both fresh and brackish water? Can a fig tree, my brothers and sisters, yield olives, or a grapevine figs?(James 3: 12a) This excerpt from the letter of James we will hear this week is talking about the power we have to do harm to one another with … Read more

On awe and the getting of wisdom

16th SUNDAY after Pentecost  12 September 2021 The Church of Saint Andrew, the Apostle, Indooroopilly Anglican Readings: Wisdom 7.26-8.1; Psalm 19; Mark 8.27-38 Rev’d Richard Browning Note: this homily here is a fuller version from which four sermons were drawn, WayPoint on Friday night, 6pm Eucharist on Saturday and the two Sunday morning services. Variations … Read more

A home for all

The logo for this year’s Season of Creation is “Abraham’s Tent”. Abraham and Sarah opened their tent as a home for three strangers, who turned out to be God’s angels (Genesis 18). By creating a home for all, their act of radical hospitality became a source of great blessing. Abraham’s tent is a symbol of … Read more

Where are her daughters?  

 Where are her daughters?                                                             ©Suzanne Grimmett Many years ago I had an experience that made me realise some of my own blinkered view of the world. I came into adulthood as an educated white woman in a teaching career. I had not even noticed that in the public square I was used to being … Read more

Afghan refugees

This week begins the Season of Creation – a season where through our liturgy and prayers we bring to the centre of our attention the beauty and diversity of life, the wonder of the universe and our sacred care of the earth, our common home. We are also conscious of our interdependence. Where there is … Read more