What is withered in you will flower again

In “Awakening my Faith”, the Lenten study written by Bishop Jeremy Greaves, the reflection for this first week of Lent tells us the invitation of the Spirit will inevitably set us on a path of discipleship that will take us to the cross and beyond. This is a path that leads us to wilderness times of our lives, always involving temptation and yet also offering new beginnings. Clearly discernment here is needed in our day-to-day choices as we seek to follow Jesus with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. We are also called to prayer, as only through deep listening and openness to the Spirit in our lives can we attempt this hard work of discernment. Yet it is through this path, +Jeremy comments, that ultimately we are brought to a place where we can claim for ourselves the name “beloved”. If you are finding yourself in a wilderness, the words of St Augustine ring out with hope for this Lenten season and the new Easter day at the end of our journey;
What is withered in you will flower again. Your sickness will be healed. What is faded will be fresh again, and what is warped made whole and strong, and sound. And all that is weak in you will not drag you to the grave. But your wholeness will abide, will remain with you before God, who remains strong and abides forever.
May we, together, make a holy Lent as we look with hope for the new thing God is doing in us and through.
Grace and peace,

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