by RS Thomas

Moments of great calm, 
Kneeling before an altar 
Of wood in a stone church 
In summer, waiting for the God 
To speak; the air a staircase 
For silence; the sun’s light 
Ringing me, as though I acted 
A great role. 
And the audiences 
Still; all that close throng 
Of spirits waiting, as I, 
For the message. 
Prompt me, God; 
But not yet. 
When I speak, 
Though it be you who speak 
Through me, something is lost. 
The meaning is in the waiting.

R.S Thomas creates the atmosphere of Advent for us in this poem. “Prompt me, God, but not yet” he says, knowing that there is some treasure that can be uncovered if we can learn to live in the sweet tension of the waiting. 

Have you ever had that sense of the meaning being in the waiting? How might you explore the idea this Advent season, that waiting upon God is really finding God?

Grace and peace,
Sue +

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