Weekly News



Sunday 25 February 2018 – Lent 2 

Welcome to our worship today. We are using the special Order of Service, The Sunday Liturgy in Lent. The Guide to worship will assist with page numbers and the Bible readings. The Hymns are from the Together in Song Hymn Book. Sunday School will meet in the Undercroft after the Collect of the day at 9.30am.

The will be an Interment of Ashes for Lorraine Stafford at 11.15am today.  We welcome Lyndall and her family to our Parish this morning.

Rest eternal grant to her, O Lord. May light perpetual shine upon her. 

The Annual General Meeting – Thank you to those who attended the AGM last Sunday.  In 2018 the Parish Council will consist of:


Wardens:                                         Tim Coates, Christina James-Overheu

Nominators:                                    Helen Harrison, Deian Ping, Greg Marsh

Synod Representatives:                   Nicki Jenkins, Tim Coates

Parish Councillors:                          Georgina Byrom, Estelle Leaver, Jenny Gribaudo, Gerard Livsey, Gloria Malouf-Marsh, Jenny Strong

As St Andrew’s is currently without a parish priest, the diocesan regulations (canons) provide for the Priest’s Warden to be appointed by the Archbishop.  Barbara Potger has been appointed to this office by the Archbishop until the 2019 AGM.

The AGM was deferred until the financial report is finalised. Please keep the members of Parish Council in your prayers. 

Lent – The local Parishes Ecumenical Group is holding discussions during Lent based on St Mark’s Gospel.  These will be held on Wednesday evenings from 7.00pm – g bg9.00pm.

The venues are as follows:

28 February                    Holy Family Catholic Church 14 March  St Andrew’s Anglican Church
7 March                             St Peters Lutheran Church 21 March  St Peters Lutheran Church

It has been decided that this series of Discussions will replace the Lent Studies Program planned for St Andrew’s.


We make a special effort to support the work of ABM during Lent and envelopes are available today.


World Day of Prayer Service – This year this Service is to be held in the Chapel of St Peters Lutheran College on Friday March 2nd.  Morning tea will be served in the Parents & Friends Room @ 9.30am.  The Service will commence @ 10.15am.  For information re parking, please contact Jan Hurwood on 3871 3990. 


Religious Instruction:  as mentioned in the Annual Report there is a need for volunteers to help with the RI at Fig Tree Pocket & Indooroopilly State Schools.  Both schools have increased in student numbers which necessitates more classes but this can only happen if there are additional volunteers to assist.  If you are interested in volunteering at one of the schools can you please have a word with Lexie Smiles or Georgina Byrom.  Alternatively, you could contact the parish office.  Please give this request some prayerful thought – being involved with young people can be very rewarding.


Our Parish Secretary Margaret, is taking 2 weeks leave from 15 March.  She will be preparing both the April-June Roster and the Easter Newsletter before going on leave.  Would you please advise her by 1 March if you will be unavailable for the Roster any time between April and June.  Likewise if you have any articles you would like included in the Newsletter would you please submit them by 1 March.  Many thanks.




26 Feb Monday 9.30am Playgroup
27 Feb Tuesday 10.00am Tuesdays in the Undercroft
28 Feb Wednesday 9.30am Healing Eucharist
  7.30pm Lent Lecture – Holy Family Catholic ChurchIndooroopilly
02 Mar Friday 7.00am Requiem – All Souls Chapel
9.30am World Day of Prayer – St Peters Lutheran College Chapel
03 Mar Saturday 5.00pm Axios
6.00pm Vigil Eucharist
04 Mar Sunday 7.00am Holy Eucharist
 LENT 2 9.30am Sung Eucharist



SUNDAY – 4 March  – Lent 3



Exodus 20:1-17, Psalm 19, 1 Corinthians 1:18-25, John 2:13-22


  L.A’S Servers Readers Intercessions SidesPersons
7.00am S MacDonald J Hurwood S MacDonald
  W Horton
9.30am T Coates J Coates G Malouf-Marsh J Henderson-Place R Potger
E Leaver I Mathers I Mathers
Morning Tea E Leaver, J Gribaudo, N Jenkins